The Byrd Nest follows protocol put in place by the State of Ohio and the CDC.

  • Upon arrival to the center, all staff and children will complete a health screening, including have a temperature check with a no contact thermometer.

  • After passing the health check, all persons entering the center will immediately wash their hands.

  • Temperatures are checked upon arrival, after lunch, and upon departure daily.

  • All staff and children 5 years old and older wear masks, unless they are medically exempt.

  • Classes are staying at the lower ratios and will be re-evaluated as needed.

  • Children stay with siblings or other family members and any families that have parents that work at the same facility.

  • Teachers stay with the same children as to lessen potential exposure.

  • All surfaces are disinfected hourly and toys are disinfected after each use.

  • All frequently touched objects are disinfected a minimum of hourly, sometimes more often

  • A Halo, ultra-violet system has been installed on our furnace to kill any bacteria or virus in the air.

  • We have purchased a Clorox 360, electrostatic sprayer that is used weekly to spray down the entire building to kill any bacteria or virus all the other procedures missed.