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Pandemic Policies & Procedures

During the COVID-19 pandemic,

we are following the more strict mandates set in place by Governor DeWine.

Rule 5101:2-12-02.2 "Transitional Pandemic Requirements for a Licensed Child Care Center" is being emergency filed to define transitional pandemic requirements for a licensed child care center.  Licensed child care centers shall follow all of the licensing requirements of the chapter in addition to the following exceptions and additions detailed in the new rule:

  • Follow all guidelines set by the Governor of Ohio or the director of the Ohio Department of Health.

  • Ratio has been updated:

     Age Group     Ratio     Max Group Size

     Infants           1:4               6 (with 2 teachers)

     Toddlers         1:6               6

     Preschool       1:9               9

     School-Age     1:9               9    

  • Clarification of handwashing requirements, including allowing portable sinks to be used for handwashing. (We do not use portable sinks)

  • The center shall ensure that all administrators, employees, child care staff members and children take their temperature prior to or as soon as they arrive each day.  The program will send home anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, and the individual cannot return until he or she has been fever-free without medication for at least 24 hours.  If the person has had known contact with someone confirmed or probable to have COVID-19, prior to returning to the center he or she must complete isolation or quarantine procedures.

  • The center shall notify ODJFS in writing and the local health department if anyone tests positive for COVID-19.  The individual shall also complete isolation or quarantine procedures prior to returning to the program

  • There are new requirements if the center needs to divide a room into smaller spaces to serve multiple groups of children. (We are not dividing rooms)

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