AS OF: August 2020, We have limited spots for school age care.

     As the year progresses, it has become clear that things will be very different this school year.  We are preparing for these changes.  We are currently creating 2 new classrooms to accommodate more students so we can assist more families during this trying time.

     Since the schools have been given the choice as to how they will conduct the school year, we are adjusting to those decisions.

     The options we have this year will be as follows:

  •  "Tutoring" for children that will be in care during school hours when school is in session following Lancaster City Schools plan (attendance according to last name)

  • "Home/Virtual Schooling" - Any family that has chosen to be strictly virtual even though the school has in person learning, please click here.

     We have set up classrooms to allow for social distancing as well as individual space for each student.  We have closed 'cubicle' desks that will allow students to have more privacy for less distractions, if needed.​

     We will post pictures of the classrooms once they are set up.

     Transportation for the 2020-21 school year will be very different.  We will be providing transportation to Tarhe Trails and Gorsuch West only.  Space is limited and will be based on current enrollment and then will be first come, first serve.

Please call Stacey to inquire about registering.

Classroom Rules